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Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color

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Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color

Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color
Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color

Large Image :  Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color

Product Details:
Place of Origin: FUJIAN,CHINA
Brand Name: Beastar
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 200pcs in one pp bag, then one bag in one master carton
Delivery Time: 5-8days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000pcs /day

Customized Packaging Kraft Paper Box with CMYK/Pantone Printing Color

Size: Customized Shape: Customized
Surface Treatment: Glossy/Matte Lamination, UV Coating, Hot Stamping Structure: Customized
Material: Kraft Paper Color: Customized
Printing Color: CMYK/Pantone MOQ: 1000pcs

Product Description:

Discover the ultimate solution for your packaging needs with our premium Packaging Kraft Paper Box, a product that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our KraftPaperBoxing solutions are designed to cater to a diverse range of industries, providing a sturdy and eco-friendly option for packaging a variety of items. Each box is crafted to perfection, ensuring that your product not only stays safe during transit but also catches the eye of your customers through its exceptional presentation.

Our Packaging Kraft Paper Box is not a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it acknowledges the unique requirements of your products. With customization at the forefront, we offer boxes in various sizes tailored to fit your items perfectly. This level of personalization ensures that your products are snugly secured, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping and handling.

Brand identity is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace, and our customized logo option allows you to do just that. We enable you to imprint your brand’s logo onto your Packaging Carton Box, transforming a simple container into a powerful marketing tool. This not only enhances brand recognition but also adds a professional touch to your product presentation, making it instantly recognizable to your customers.

To further distinguish your product on the shelves, we offer a range of surface treatment options, including glossy or matte lamination, UV coating, and hot stamping. Glossy lamination adds a shiny, high-end finish to your KraftPaperPackaging, catching the light and drawing attention. Matte lamination, on the other hand, provides a subdued, elegant appearance that speaks of quality and sophistication. UV coating adds another layer of durability and vibrance, making your packaging resistant to scuffs and keeping the colors from fading. Hot stamping is the perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury, with its metallic or pigmented foil enhancing the visual impact of your branding.

The shape of your packaging plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Our customized shape option enables you to break free from the constraints of standard box designs. Whether you need a box with a unique silhouette to fit an irregularly shaped product or a design that stands out from the competition, our team can craft a Packaging Kraft Paper Box that meets your specifications.

Printing is another vital aspect of your packaging strategy. Our customized printing services ensure that every detail, from the color palette to the typography, aligns with your brand identity and communicates your message effectively. Whether you require intricate designs, bold graphics, or simple yet striking text, our high-quality printing capabilities guarantee that the final product will exceed your expectations. Our KraftPaperBoxing solutions are not only practical but also visually appealing, making them the perfect ambassador for your brand.

In summary, our Packaging Kraft Paper Box offers a comprehensive solution that is custom-tailored to your needs. From the size, logo, and surface treatment to the shape and printing, every aspect of your KraftPaperPackaging is meticulously designed to enhance your product's value and appeal. Choose our Packaging Carton Box and give your products the premium presentation they deserve, all while leveraging the sustainable and robust properties of kraft paper. Let us help you create packaging that not only protects but also promotes your products in the best light possible.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Printing Customized
Shape Customized
Color Customized
Usage Packaging
Printing Color CMYK/Pantone
Payment Term T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Material Kraft Paper
MOQ 1000pcs
Logo Customized
Structure Customized


The Beastar Kraft Paper Box is an exemplary product for an array of applications and scenarios, reflecting its versatility and adaptability to meet various packaging requirements. Crafted with precision and care in FUJIAN, CHINA, the Beastar brand ensures that every box is of the highest quality and sustainability. These boxes are perfect for businesses or individuals in need of reliable packaging solutions, with a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces, ensuring that both small and large scale needs are catered to.

Given the negotiable price point, the Beastar Kraft Paper Box becomes an accessible option for a wide range of customers. Each order is meticulously packaged with 200pcs in one PP bag, and then the bag is placed in one master carton, ensuring the boxes arrive in pristine condition. The delivery time of 5-8 days highlights Beastar's commitment to prompt service, while the payment terms which include L/C, T/T, and Western Union provide flexibility for customers to choose their preferred transaction method. Furthermore, the impressive supply ability of 100000pcs/day emphasizes the brand's readiness to handle bulk orders efficiently.

The size of each Kraft Paper Box can be customized to suit the specific needs of the product being packaged, ensuring a perfect fit and added protection. With surface treatment options like Glossy/Matte Lamination, UV Coating, and Hot Stamping, the boxes can be elevated to reflect a brand's aesthetic or to stand out on the retail shelf. The structure and printing are also fully customizable, with CMYK and Pantone color options available, allowing for a high level of personalization and brand alignment.

Beastar's Kraft Paper Boxes are ideal for a multitude of occasions, whether it is for retail packaging, gift giving, or for shipping goods. The use of Kraft Paper Packaging is a testament to the eco-conscious approach of the brand, appealing to customers who value sustainability. The robustness of Kraft Paper Boxing ensures that items are secure during transport, making them a reliable choice for online businesses, boutique shops, and even for personal use during moves or storage. In summary, Beastar's Kraft Paper Box is a versatile, durable, and eco-friendly packaging solution that can be tailored to meet a myriad of packaging needs.



Brand Name: Beastar

Place of Origin: FUJIAN, CHINA

Minimum Order Quantity: 500

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: 200pcs in one pp bag, then one bag in one master carton

Delivery Time: 5-8days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability: 100000pcs /day

Surface Treatment: Glossy/Matte Lamination, UV Coating, Hot Stamping

Structure: Customized

Shape: Customized

MOQ: 1000pcs

Material: Kraft Paper

Our PackagingKraftBox offers the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics, designed to meet your unique packaging needs. The KraftPackagingBox is crafted from high-quality kraft paper, ensuring your items are securely stored and presented in an eco-friendly way. With our PackagingKraftPaper box, you can expect a product that is as sturdy as it is stylish, tailored to reflect your brand's excellence.


Support and Services:

Our Packaging Kraft Paper Box comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing assistance with any product-related inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Product Installation: We provide detailed instructions to facilitate a smooth and easy setup process for your Packaging Kraft Paper Box.

Product Customization: Our service includes guidance on how to customize your kraft paper box to meet your specific packaging needs.

Troubleshooting: If you experience any difficulties with our product, our technical support team is ready to offer troubleshooting advice and solutions.

Maintenance Guidelines: To help maintain the longevity and quality of your Packaging Kraft Paper Box, we provide clear maintenance guidelines and best practices.

Product Updates: Stay informed about the latest updates and enhancements for your kraft paper box to ensure you are utilizing the product to its fullest potential.

Recycling Information: We are committed to sustainability and will guide you on how to properly recycle your Packaging Kraft Paper Box at the end of its lifecycle.

Please note that our technical support services are designed to address product-specific issues and may not cover problems arising from improper use or external factors. For any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.


Packing and Shipping:

The Packaging Kraft Paper Box is designed to ensure your items are protected during transit. Made from high-quality, durable kraft paper, this packaging solution is both eco-friendly and sturdy. The box's natural brown color presents a professional look while being fully recyclable.

Each box is easy to assemble with folding flaps that secure your products without the need for additional adhesives. Its lightweight material helps to minimize shipping costs while maintaining the strength required to safeguard your items from damage.

To prepare your item for shipping, simply place it inside the box, fold the top flaps into place, and secure them. If necessary, add cushioning materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts for extra protection. Once your item is safely packed, it's ready to be shipped to its destination.

Our Packaging Kraft Paper Boxes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of products. They are suitable for e-commerce, retail packaging, and any other needs where quality and presentation matter. With these boxes, you can be confident that your items will arrive in great condition, all while making an environmentally responsible choice.

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